testing and commissionning

-The tender document is handed (withdrawn) on the payment of DZD 5000 companies under Algerian law and its currency equivalent for foreign companies into the account #022 02261 570-08, open at Banque Extérieure d'Algérie, branch located at 33, rue de Tripoli – Hussein Dey – Algiers. -Interested foreign companies can pay the tender-document costs abroad into the BAI #002 00022 2212000090-72 (Euro account), or BAI #002 00022 2212000091-69 (USD account), open at the Banque Extérieure d’Algérie, Swift: BEXA DZ AL 022. -Persons, authorized for the tender-document withdrawal, should be provided with the following documents: -A copy of an effective identity card; -A letter of accreditation, issued by the submitting applicant; -A copy of the company trade register; -An original copy of the due-amount payment voucher. -The bids’ submission deadline is set for 30 days. -The opening date of the sealed bids is set in the tender document.